Discover secret corners and unknown stories, go inside, up the steps and round the back... Explore the history, environment and future developments of the Ouseburn Valley with local experts and enthusiasts. Our Summer programme of Tuesday evening walks is will be back in June 2020, meanwhile you can enjoy our Back to the Future walks on Saturday morning and look out for the Boxing Day Special!

Back to the Future

Every Saturday morning we offer a guided tour to discover the history of the Ouseburn Valley, its more recent regeneration story and what the future holds for it, all in 90 minutes!  Find out more and book a place here

We can also arrange this as a private walk for groups at other times.

Ouseburn Boxing Day Walk

This year we are pleased to revive the popular tradition of an Ouseburn Boxing Day Walk. Two of our Saturday morning walking guides, John and David, will be stretching their legs on Thursday26th December at 11am and invite you to join them. The walk will follow the Waymarkers art installations, including the green bottles made of steel you may have spotted around the valley, and there is a strong likelihood of ending at an Ouseburn hostelry after 90 minutes. The walk is free but please book a place here.

Self-guided walks

Meanwhile you can take your own A stroll around the Ouseburn with our self-guided leaflet (there's a video of this walk that you can watch here although it is now a little out-of-date)

Or follow the overland route of the Victoria Tunnel with walks geared to its original use to transport coal, and its re-use as a World War Two air raid shelter:

For families there are some walks particularly suitable for children:

Guided walks

We can also arrange guided walks for groups on specific themes - these are £50 for a 60-90 minute tour for up to 20 people

Ouseburn Heritage - Mike Greatbatch leads a tour illustrating Ouseburn's industrial story and the lives of the  people who worked and lived in the Valley from the 17th to the 20th centuries, this can include specific interests by arrangement.

Ouseburn’s Regeneration story – Dale Bolland shows how Ouseburn has changed from 1980s to the development of mixed-use, slow-burn bottom-up regeneration of the valley over the past 30 years - and where it might go next.

Heritage-themed Regeneration in Ouseburn Mike Greatbatch explains how the promotion and enhancement of the Ouseburn heritage and community history helped to change perceptions of the area and establish Ouseburn as a visitor destination and heritage hot spot.

Let us know the theme and dates you would like.

If you enjoy heritage guided walks take a look at the wonderful programme offered by our friends the Newcastle City Guides