The Victoria Tunnel is a preserved underground wagonway which was constructed in the 19th-century to support the local coal-mining trade. Almost 100 years later, it was converted into a life-saving air-raid shelter during the Second World War. Today, the Tunnel serves as a fantastic visitor attraction and educational tool for all ages, even being recognised with the Sandford Award in 2018. 

What is the Virtual Victoria Tunnel Experience for Schools?

For many years, we've welcomed groups of KS2 students to the Victoria Tunnel to help them develop their knowledge of World War Two by providing a uniquely local context. During much of 2020 we were unable to host school visits. However, with the help of a grant from Historic England, the Ouseburn Trust has developed the Virtual Victoria Tunnel Experience which we have also adapted to create an engaging classroom experience.

This is a live online event broadcast directly into individual classrooms. It blends video content, illustrated presentations and an interactive Q&A session which is delivered by Victoria Tunnel’s award-winning Guides. Pupils can now go on a subterranean adventure without ever having to leave their classroom!

The Virtual Victoria Tunnel Experience for Schools lasts roughly one hour and costs £50 per class. 

Don't change a thing! It was absolutely fantastic! 

Teacher feedback, November 2020

View a PDF with more details about the Virtual Victoria Tunnel Experience for schools | Download the booking form here

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