Our Victoria Tunnel school visit can focus on three key themes - World War 2, Victorian Britain, and the Industrial Revolution. The World War 2 theme includes: 

  • A one hour tour underground - We will kit out you and your class with hard hats and torches and take you for a short walk along the Ouseburn Valley and into the Victoria Tunnel. To explore how to tunnel was used as an air raid shelter and what life was like on the home front.
  • A one hour classroom activity - We offer an opportunity to handle original and replica artefacts that may have been lost and found in the Tunnel during World War 2, and discuss the experience of children their age living between 1939 and 1945 during WW2. From evacuations and rationing to air raids and precautions. We talk through the real-life experience of Basil, who remembers sheltering in Victoria Tunnel when he was 10 years old.

We can adapt activities if you let us know what you're studying, and what you’d like your students to take away from this experience.

ready to book? email our team or phone 0191 230 4210 to check available dates  for this term or propose dates (tuesdays or thursdays) that suit your class next term.