Geology of the Ouseburn Valley - 5.30pm Tuesday 26th February

Going further back in time than ever this talk will explain the ground beneath our feet and how it has changed. The presentation by Karl Egeland-Eriksen will include maps, illustrations and plenty of rock samples.

The Ouseburn Culvert - 5.30pm Tuesday 26th March

Learn about the Culvert, the engineering feat which enables the river Ouseburn to run underground from Jesmond Vale under the City Stadiuem to re-emerge under the railway viaduct in the valley. The talk will be given by John Robinson, Principal Engineer for flood risk management with Newcastle City Council.

The campaign in the North East for votes for women - 5.30pm Tuesday 23rd April

The North East was a hub of activity seeking to gain the vote for women. Local women, and national figures such as Emmeline Pankhurst, campaigned in the region. Methods ranged from peaceful petitions, marches and talks, to militant acts such as window smashing and arson. The talk will be given by local historian Julia Rand.

5.30-6.30pm Back Room of Ernest Café Bar

(Corner of Boyd St and Stepney Rd)

FREE—donations welcome!