The most recent and current plan is the Ouseburn Regeneration Plan 2012-20. Ouseburn Trust sub groups are in the process of reviewing progress on this strategy and looking at updating it.

The Lower Ouseburn Valley was declared a conservation area in 2000, with this profile. In 2004 the City Council produced the Character Statement and the first Conservation Area Management Plan (this was updated in 2011 Lower Ouseburn Conservation Area Management Plan 2011). In 2017 our Planning & Development Group undertook a consultation about updating the Conservation Area Management Plan: Conserving the Ouseburn Valley.

The Urban Design Framework sets out the generic design principles and general land-use planning and transportation issues for the redevelopment of the Valley, this is currently being updated (Sept 2019)

In 2003 the first ten year strategy was produced Ouseburn Regeneration Strategy Jan 2003  and the area covered is shown in this map Ouseburn Regeneration Area Boundaries Conservation Area

Ouseburn before regeneration