The Ouseburn River Users Group looks at the issues affecting the river, those who use it, and those affected by it, including the operation of the Ouseburn Barrage.

The Group is consulted by the City Council on any proposals which affect operation of the Barrage, navigation and the local environment and amenities, and it may make its own representations and recommendations to the Council.

Dave Cross, Chair of the River Users Group and Trustee of Ouseburn Trust, has written a useful review of the history of the barrage and its operation up to late 2016

You can also read the Barrage Inspectors Report 2006

If you would like any information about the work of this group please contact us

The Ouseburn Trust is delighted to host a fascinating piece of research and exploration by Roger Broughton in which he and his dog Bobby visit all the crossings of the Ouse Burn from its source near Callerton to where it joins the Tyne.  It was originally a website but is now also available as a publication to view and download here: Ouse Burn Crossings by Roger Broughton