A selection of photos from the 1980s and 1990s showing the Ouseburn Valley before regeneration - you might like to go and see how these views are looking today.

boys swinging over valley

Boys swinging over Ouseburn Valley(Davey Pearson)           

under the bridges

A view under the bridges (Davey Pearson)

ice factory and insulation

Looking up river to former ice factory (Richard Blosse) 

Toffee Factory cattle sanatorium

Looking down river to cattle sanatorium and Maynards (Davey Pearson)

Cut Bank view

View across to Cut Bank (Davey Pearson)   


Cluny and 36 Lime Street

View of the back of 36 Lime Street (and The Cluny)

children and horse of Village Green

Children and horse on Village Green  (Davey Pearson)         

View along Lime Street

View along Lime Street (Davey Pearson)

View along Foundry Lane

View along Foundry Lane  (Davey Pearson) 


Woods Pottery on Stepney Bank

Woods Pottery on Stepney Bank (Davey Pearson)

Toffee Factory after the fire

The Toffee Factory after the fire (Davey Pearson)                     

View across Byker Farm

View across Byker City Farm (Richard Blosse)