Behind the scenes, our Planning and Development Sub-Group evaluate and scrutinise upcoming and live property development proposals which affect our area. We want to protect the balance of live, work, and play in the Valley and represent the community's views on how our built environment looks and feels.  

We feel everyone who has an interest in Ouseburn should be able to easily access information about prospective property developments in the area. This page lists active planning applications on the Newcastle City Council Planning Portal that we think could have a significant impact on the Valley, be that positive or negative. Comments can be made through the links but if you'd like to take a more active role in influencing Ouseburn's building schemes, get in touch about joining out Planning and Development sub-group. 

Grievesons Yard

Access the portal | Comments closed & awaiting decision

Demolition of the existing buildings and erection of 5 storey mixed use residential development including 84 no apartments (Class C3), 3 no commercial units (Class E) at ground floor, 32 car parking spaces and associated landscaping.

Lime Street 

Access the proposal | Comment until: Comments closed & awaiting decision

Demolition of existing structures and erection of 4 to 6 storey mixed use building comprising 57 apartments along with Class E accommodation at ground floor level including parking and ancillary accommodation.

Apart Hotel Foundry Lane

Access the proposal | Comment until: Comments closed & awaiting decision

A five-storey mixed-use short-term let apartments. 28 bed aparthotel (Sui Generis) with 2 commercial units to ground floor (Class E) and associated parking and infrastructure.

Malmo and Spillers Quay 

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Detailed planning application for a residential block of 10 storeys containing 43 no. apartments and 50 sq. metres of commercial floorspace (Class E) on the northwest corner of Malmo Quay; 13no. residential townhouses of 3 storeys on the eastern and southern sides of Malmo Quay; 3 storey building comprising Cycle Hub (including providing Café and workshop space) (Class E) and 2 maisonette flats above; commercial unit (Class E); car and cycle parking and associated public realm and open space works, stopping up of areas of public highway and highways improvement works all on Malmo Quay; Erection of new electrical substation on land to the north of Quayside Road, adjacent to existing electrical sub-station; Outline planning application including details of layout, scale and means of access for residential and commercial development (Class E) comprising: Demolition of existing Cycle Hub building and erection of residential blocks of between 3 and 8 storeys in height with a maximum of 73 dwellings, with associated works to public realm and open spaces along Quayside; and erection of commercial units with a maximum of 76 car parking spaces on land at Spillers Quay.