Trustees, staff and members work together in this group, meeting monthly to monitor planning issues, the design of buildings and structures to be built in the valley, and future developments. Find out how to get involved here.

We are concerned with planning issues, the design of buildings and structures to be built in the valley, and future developments. The central area of the Lower Ouseburn Valley is a Conservation Area, and we want to maintain the special, unique character of the area, and ensure that new developments are high quality and sustainable.

We have been busy since we began as an Ouseburn Futures theme group in the summer of 2012 and we are now continuing this work as a sub group of the Ouseburn Trust, bringing the two organisations together as a stronger united voice for the Ouseburn Valley.

Current Work: We are reviewing new planning applications and working on the new Ouseburn Strategy 2020-30 which will update the Ouseburn Regeneration Plan 2012-20

Previous work

One of the first things we did was to hold an open meeting and to put up a display about the NewcastleGateshead Urban Core Area Action Plan, enabling the Ouseburn community to find out more about it and share their views.

Some of the developments proposed in Ouseburn that we have looked at and commented on include:

Commented on the Council's Draft Development & Allocations Plan in 2017

Commented on the Council's Conservation Area Management Plan update in 2018

Conserving the Ouseburn:  In 2017 we undertook a consultation exercise to gather comments on the Lower Ouseburn Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP). We engaged PlaceChangers, a team with prior experience of working with neighbourhood and community forums, to design a tool for us., This enabled people who are interested in the Ouseburn Valley to say which buildings they love most and want to protect, and which buildings they did not feel so strongly about. The consultation took place between 4th February and 30th May 2017. Participants were invited to comment 121 buildings built before about 1990.In all, 628 people visited the page, and took part in 1036 active sessions on their PCs, tablets or phones.  122 voted and made comments.  Altogether there were 5284 ratings contributed, an average of 43 per person. You can read or download the full report here

Get involved

We meet monthly - usually at 5pm on the last Tuesday of the month at the Ouseburn Trust, 55 Lime Street. If you would like to attend a specific meeting or become a member of this group please contact the Chair of the Planning & Development Group.