Usborne Cards: The Second World War


These cards are packed with fascinating facts about the most important planes, ships, tanks, and other vehicles used during World War Two. Read more

Replica identity card


As part of the 'National Registration Act' of 1939, every man woman and child had to carry an Identity card. Read more

Replica Ration Book


Every person in Britain was given a ration book. They had to register and buy their food from their chosen shops. Rationing of food lasted for 14 years and ended on July 4, 1954. Read more

Evacuation of women and children coin pack


A replica nickle brass threepence bearing the bust of George VI. Read more

Women on the home front replica coin pack


A replica silver sixpence featuring the bust of George VI. Read more

world war two colouring poster pack


This wonderful world war two colouring poster pack comes with 4 A3 posters, 6 coloured pencils and some handy educational notes. Read more

Hadaway Hitler


'Hadaway Hitler' is based on Blaydon born John Solomons childhood memories during Britains 'Finest hour' of World war two. Read more

Ration book cookery


A charming 98 page hardback book produced by English Heritage, looking at the art of cookery during the 'ration years' Read more