Bridging the ouseburn


Written by local author Sue Bright, this 38 page colour book celebrates 135 years of bridging the Ouseburn valley Read more

Kenspeckle 'Coal'


Delicious handmade cinder toffee from the fantastic confections at Kenspeckle, based up on Holy Island. Read more

You wouldn't want to be a Victorian miner


You wouldn't want to be a Victorian miner is part of the 'You wouldn't want to be' series... This 35 page book is full of the 'nitty and truly gritty' facts behind some of history's most interesting characters and events. Read more

Children in history.. Victorians


This series allows you to explore the past through the eyes of a child.Discover what it was like to go to school, play and grow up during some of the most exciting periods in history. Read more