Replica identity card


As part of the 'National Registration Act' of 1939, every man woman and child had to carry an Identity card. Read more

You wouldn't want to be a Victorian miner


You wouldn't want to be a Victorian miner is part of the 'You wouldn't want to be' series... This 35 page book is full of the 'nitty and truly gritty' facts behind some of history's most interesting characters and events. Read more

Sticker World Wars


Follow the course of the first and second world wars and meet some of the people who took part. From field marshals, ambulance drivers and soldier in muddy trenches to submarine commanders, snipers, and secret agents.. use the stickers to dress them all for action! Read more

Tony Robinsons Weird World of Wonders WW2


Find out everything you need to know about WWII in this brilliant, action packed, fact filled book written by Tony Robinson. Read more