Ouseburn's vibrant green spaces are beloved by the Valley's active community of residents, businesses and visitors. At the Ouseburn Trust, we think it's important to care for our environment and make it the driving force within future decision-making. 

We aim to

1. Maintain the Valley's existing green spaces 

2. Work collaboratively with locals and like-minded organisations to develop our woodland, river and parks 

3. Strengthen our green volunteers' capacity by helping to facilitate and coordinate events

Our current environmental projects 

Our Green Team 

Our volunteers meet regularly to maintain our green spaces, from litter picking to planting. 

Find out about our Green Team 

Business Volunteering Days

We are delighted to welcome groups of business volunteers for a day of practical outdoor activities that benefit the environment, from light litter picking to getting stuck in to laying stone paths!  At the same time they learn about the delights of Ouseburn and usually go on to enjoy our excellent cafes and pubs as a well-earned reward.

Find out how to arrange a volunteering day for your business

Environment-led community engagement  

Our Natural Environment and Open Spaces Project Officer, Cath Scaife, is working with local residents and businesses to improve our green spaces and make them more accessible. Get in touch with Cath: [email protected] 


We have a diverse profile of wildlife - otters have been seen in the river, and in the summer, the flash of blue is a kingfisher. Seeing the first duckling of the spring is an exciting moment and hearing the first chiffchaff call under the bridges. Watching the swans glide in on the tide and enjoying the flowers and fluffy seeds of the black poplar trees is part of our urban village and at night bats hunt along the river. 

Wild Intrigue runs occasional mini-expeditions in the area - and details of all the wildlife spotted on their 2019 bioblitz walk through the  Valley are summarised here Urban Wilds of Ouseburn.

Every summer since 2006, Ouseburn Trust member and local academic Mike Jeffries has carried out a butterfly and dragonfly survey. He's also supported us to create a summary of the Ouseburn's biodiversity.

View the 2022 Ouseburn Butterfly Report | Summary of biodiversity in the valley

Ouseburn Environment Group

The Environment Group is a collective of trustees, volunteers and neighbouring residents who are passionate about Ouseburn's environment. They focus on helping to make a positive impact on the environment. 

Find out about the Environment Group