Ouseburn Trust's founders, volunteers and staff have a wealth of knowledge about Ouseburn's regeneration story. Combined with a library of resources, we can support the study of regeneration, from A-Level to higher education. 

We're pleased to offer Ouseburn Regeneration Online, an online experience to support the study of regeneration by exploring the Valley's story. 

What's Ouseburn Regeneration Online?

This online experience consists of three elements: 

  • Access to the Hope and Opportunity: amidst the decay of a neglected valley film - an edited version of an online talk delivered in December 2020. The film explores the very beginnings of the interest in the regeneration of the Ouseburn – the commitment to try to ensure that the values driving its development should take people and community seriously, in contrast to the commercial property led development on the Quayside. The talk was led by Bob Langley, the Trust’s first Chair, and features presentations from other key individuals involved.
  • Live online Q&A with the Chair of our Planning & Development Group
  • Supporting documentation - '35 years of Regeneration'. This publication helps students to understand and locate places and events mentioned in the recorded talk.

How does it work?

We are flexible and happy to adapt to your way of learning. A link to the film and documentation will be sent ahead of time and you can choose between the following formats for the Q&A: 

  1. Your preferred online conferencing/teaching software (we suggest Zoom).
  2. Demio, a software we use to broadcast online events. The software doesn't allow participants to use microphones or webcams so a chat box is used during the Q&A. However, the teacher/lecturer can join the speaker on-screen to help lead the Q&A. This method of delivery is a better option for bigger groups. 

Arrange your screening and Q&A

Cost: £50 per group

Email us at [email protected] to discuss and arrange your event.