For almost 50 years, Ouseburn has evolved through various stages of regeneration. With industry at its roots, the area has welcomed new communities who brought with them new requirements for the physical space. Today, Ouseburn is Newcastle's creative and cultural quarter which continues to grow and develop.  

At the Ouseburn Trust, we aim to encourage sensitive and conscious regeneration, respectful of local heritage and representative of its local communities. 

We aim to

1. Feed the voice of our community into planning and development projects that impact Ouseburn 

2. Protect the Valley's rich heritage and physical history  

3.  Work in collaboration with the local council, independent developers and businesses to integrate new development with existing community needs 

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Current regeneration projects 

Ouseburn 2020 - 2030 strategy 

We are working directly with Newcastle City Council to help develop Ouseburn's new 10-year strategy. 

Read more about the development process

You can also access previous Ouseburn strategy and planning documents

Active Planning Applications in Ouseburn

Find a list of active proposed property developments that may affect Ouseburn.

Ouseburn Planning & Development Group

Our Planning & Development Sub-Group is a collective of volunteers and trustees who dedicate their time to reviewing planning proposals which impact Ouseburn and contributing to longer-term strategies that will guide future regeneration. These may be building developments in the Valley or the surrounding areas. Using their varied backgrounds, they offer evaluations and comments, delivering a representation of Ouseburn's community voice to impact on development decision making. 

Learn more about Ouseburn's Planning & Development Group