What does the role of an Ouseburn brewery guide involve? 

  • Meeting and welcoming visitors (12 per tour), checking booking lists.
  • Working alone (post-training) to lead the group of visitors to three breweries, whilst providing heritage and culture stories in between stops using a recommended script and route.
  • Monitoring times of arrival and departure at each brewery to ensure you're keeping to the schedule the brewers expect. 
  • Monitoring and observing the health and safety requirements of the tour, particularly in areas with busy traffic.
  • Finish every tour with a beer! 

Volunteers will need:

  • Passion and/or interest in Ouseburn heritage and modern culture
  • Enthusiasm for engaging with people
  • Excellent communication, organisational and presentation skills
  • Access to email for tour planning


Volunteers will undergo training and mentoring and be given full support by the existing Volunteer Guides and Trust staff.

Time required

Guides will be required to volunteer for three and a half hours at a time. Tours run on the first Friday of the month but volunteers are not required to volunteer every month. 

Get in touch if you have any questions: [email protected]

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