We’re proud to be ‘Newcastle’s Cultural Quarter’ and want to revive the use of the Ouseburn brand, devised as part of a City Council promotion a few years ago and still recognised. The O is variously seen as a paintbrush stroke, coffee ring (or maybe beer) or the sound of delight when people discover the Valley. It brings us all together and we invite you to use it to declare your allegiance to the Valley – on your website, leaflets, labels and anything you make or do here. You can use it in any colour - we'd love to see it!

 Ouseburn O logo black web  

Ouseburn O png files for the web (transparent background) 

Ouseburn O jpeg file for print  

If you would like to add the Made in Ouseburn logo to something you make (in Ouseburn) the logos are below

Made in Ouseburn for web

Made in Ouseburn png for web

Made in Ouseburn jpeg for print

Follow this link for details of other versions available and how to use them - if you would like a different version or want to adapt the logo please contact us here