51 Lime Street is our new event space, visitor centre, shop, co-working facility, and a home base for our staff, volunteers, and archives. This refurbished warehouse on Lime Street will serve a growing number of visitors and provide a heritage and culture hub that can be accessed by local residents, artists, organisations and businesses.

Renovation work began at the start of March 2023. This former warehouse will soon be transformed into a space for Ouseburn

A digital render or the ground floor of 51 Lime Street, accessible to the public

A digital render or the first floor of 51 Lime Street. This area will be on long-term lease to a business

1. Co-Working

On the ground floor, a dedicated co-working area will offer freelancers & remote businesses the opportunity to work in the heart of the Ouseburn Valley in a collaborative open-plan environment. We'll welcome everyone, from casual freelancers who pop by from time to time to hot-desking tenants.

We're looking for a business to make the first-floor mezzanine their own under long-term occupancy.

2. Event Space 

Flexible seating will enable 51 Lime Street to transform into a space for talks, screenings, pop-ups, mini-markets, public consultations, networking events, and private functions.

The event space will be used for Ouseburn Trust events but will also be available to the local community, offering creatives, businesses and organisers a new cultural space to utilise in the centre of the Valley.

3. A Showcase Of All Things Ouseburn

The large public atrium will be a welcome area where we can host displays about anything from local heritage to upcoming Ouseburn events.

As the refurbishment nears completion, we will host public consultations to explore how this part of 51 Lime Street can be used for the greatest benefit to our community.

4. Shop 

There's an ever-growing number of visitors to Ouseburn Valley. The 51 Lime Street shop will stock items that celebrate our area, from Victoria Tunnel trinkets to ceramics.

Crucially, we'll offer the space as a shop front to Ouseburn's artists and makers.

All the profits we generate in the shop will go straight back into the Ouseburn Trust, helping us deliver more heritage, environment and community projects.

5. The Ouseburn Trust's New Home

Our new office will occupy a small area of 51 Lime Street. This is where our small staff team will be based, where we'll house our archives and offer our volunteers a space for respite.

51 Lime Street will be a space we can share with our growing community of local residents, visitors, businesses, and makers, and we can't wait to swing open our doors.

When will it be ready?

Work is well underway and we'll be sharing the building's renovation progress over the coming months. We expect work to finish in late Summer and hope to start hosting events from the Autumn. 

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If you're interested in finding more information about the first-floor office space which we'll be leasing out, please send an email to [email protected]