Consultation datesThe pace of change in Ouseburn is accelerating, and while the vision for a mixed-use area of considerable character remains, the priorities may well be changing.

Previous editions of the Ouseburn Regeneration Plan, focused largely, as the name suggests, on the regeneration of the place in particular its sites and buildings. The next plan is designed to capture a series of objectives for the next ten years that don’t merely concern regeneration, but also the preservation of what we already have and hold dear.  The Valley will change and we must maximise the benefits that brings and minimise the conflicts with things we regard as sensitive.

Our ambition is for a strategy that all Ouseburn stakeholders can take ownership of, one that is itself ambitious, and that functions as a guide for investors and offers opportunities for fundraising. For the plan to have the greatest potential it must represent the views of all those with a stake or interest in the future of Ouseburn.

The initial consultation information is available here

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Supporting information for theme consultations 

This year themed sub-groups of the Trust and valley-wide groups supported by the Trust have been working up draft proposals for the new plan. Participation in these groups has been open to anyone with an interest in the subjects discussed. This section contains their working papers and useful background documents - more will be added as the consultation progresses.

Built Environment and Housing

(consultation 12.30-6.30 Tuesday 17 September at Ernest)

We value the physical character of Ouseburn. The use and re-use of buildings and spaces is key to the success of the area. We want to preserve and expand the eclectic mix of uses characterised by the term live, work and play but ensure any new developments respect and complement the existing character and mixed-use embodying principles of good design.

After years of a Valley floor largely free from housing, this now represents one of the fastest growing sectors in the Ouseburn with plans for more than 400 new dwellings in the pipeline. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the place and its character defined by the mix of uses. We want to see a mix of housing types, and housing schemes that contain other uses within them, such as retail, leisure and/or commercial premises.

Planning and Development Group comment on the Built Environment

Planning and Development Group proposed Housing Section for Ouseburn Strategy.

The Planning & Development Group have also been developing Design Guidelines for New Ouseburn Buildings

A map showing the mixed use of land in Ouseburn has been produced.

If you missed this consultation day you can complete our survey form here (word document)

Background information for context 


(consultation at the Business Breakfast 8-9am on Tuesday 24 September at Ouseburn Trust, 53 Lime St)

Ouseburn is the largest creative and cultural cluster in the north east of England. It currently houses 650 businesses and artist/makers
employing nearly 3,000 people. This is an increase of approximately 50% since 2011. Most current workspace is full. We want to nurture and grow the Ouseburn economy, ensuring there remains sufficient supply of all forms of workspace from industrial units to high quality offices.

We have been gathering details of the current business community through the Ouseburn Business Survey 2019. Here is a summary of the business survey

If you missed this consultation day you can complete our survey form here

(consultation 12.30-6.30pm Tuesday 1 October at The Cycle Hub)

We want Ouseburn to be a safe and pleasant place to get around, particularly for the growing numbers of residents, families visiting local attractions, and people who spend their working days here. Cars currently dominate the valley. We’d like to change this, by making a diverse range of transport options attractive and accessible.

Transport Group Summary for Strategy

The City Council's map showing Ouseburn transport, parking, pedestrian and cycling opportunities for improvements

Ouseburn Parking and Accessibility Study (Feb 2008 update)

The Transport Group also suggests the following interesting links as background information - good work in Manchester that relates to our situation and a decent piece about transport systems of the future

If you missed this consultation day you can complete our survey form here (word document)

(consultation 12.30-6.30pm Tuesday 8 October at Brinkburn St Brewery, Bar & Kitchen and Maling Hall)

Ouseburn is often described as the cradle of the industrial revolution on Tyneside and while some of these buildings and structures remain, the quest for evidence of Hadrian’s Wall continues. Heritage underpins many of the other themes and forms the basis of much of the Ouseburn Trust’s work too, so many of the objectives for heritage will be shared by the Trust. We want to engage more people in the heritage of the Valley. This might be in activity such as a Victoria Tunnel Tour or a guided walk, or by using the Trust’s archives to undertake a piece of research that helps inform a clearer picture of the past.



Listing of heritage activities and projects in Ouseburn


If you missed this consultation day you can complete our survey form here (word document)
Green Spaces and the River

(consultation 12.30-6.30 Tuesday 24 September at Ouseburn Farm)

For an area so close to the city centre Ouseburn is blessed with a lot of green space. The Trust with the help of volunteers has sought to maintain it as best it can but the spaces remain underused and litter and graffiti are a problem. We want to see the green spaces better used and better maintained.

Green Working Group Comments for Strategy

Ouseburn Valley biodiversity summary

If you missed this consultation day you can complete our survey form here (word document)
Visitor Attractions and the night-time economy

(Consultation 12.30-6.30pm Thursday 19 September at The Cluny)

There are nearly half a million visits to Ouseburn annually, an increase of 20% since 2011. Venues offer activities for children and families, music, art and history enthusiasts. We want to see an increase in visitor footfall to support the viability of the venues, and we want to support better collaboration between venues to enhance the offer.

The Visitor Attractions group has undertaken a Visitor Survey in 2018. and jointly commissioned a short promotional video for visitors to explore and enjoy ouseburn

There is a good explanation of the Purple Flag scheme here

If you missed this consultation event you can complete our survey form here(word document)

Active Ouseburn

(Consultation 12.30-6.30pm on Thursday 3 October at The Valley Climbing Centre)

The Ouseburn now has a range of active businesses, many using the public realm.

Neighbouring Areas

Ouseburn is surrounded by housing areas and the district shopping centre. It is important that this plan is not developed in a bubble, but in a way that relates in the best way it can to our neighbours. We wish, for example, to develop a future transport solution for
the Ouseburn that connects with the neighbouring infrastructure.