In January 2021, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP) awarded Ouseburn Farm and the Ouseburn Trust £50,000 towards the delivery of the Ouseburn Green Spaces project. The grant from the North East LEPs ‘Local Growth Fund’, which provides funding to major capital projects in all seven local authority areas to support the delivery of the North East Strategic Economic Plan, will enable us to collaboratively transform the area’s tired green spaces.

This initial phase of the Ouseburn Green Spaces Project will focus on three key elements - the woodland diversity plan; accessibility and viability improvements of the orchard and pond areas; and repairs to the stone reading circle. 

You can watch the latest project developments on this page, so keep checking back to find out how we're getting along. 

Introducing Ouseburn's woodland diversity plan

Read 'Wild Ouseburn' by the Ouseburn Farm

At Ouseburn Farm, we look after a range of wonderful creatures, both great and small. If you’ve visited us before, you may have come across the likes of Willow the cow, Suzie the pig and Beavis the parrot. They’ve become part of Ouseburn life and the highlight of many a trip to the Farm. But something you might not be aware of is that living alongside our domesticated animals is some of Newcastle’s most precious wildlife.

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Beginning work to thin & improve our woodland

Planning orchard improvements

Part of the funding allocated to Ouseburn's green spaces will see the orchard improved drastically. The work is primarily focused on making the space more accessible and navigable. Paths and seating will be built to enable people to enjoy the space, as well as open up more outdoor spaces to support educational programmes at the Farm. Longer-term, these improvements will help revive the wildlife pond and help volunteers better care for the fruit trees.