Sue ScottOuseburn resident Sue Scott moved into the Malings development in February 2017 and joined the Planning and Development Sub-Group in 2019. This valuable experience has deepened her knowledge of the Valley (past and present) and she is currently involved in a sub-group which is exploring the ways in which the Trust might better engage with the preservation and development of the public realm in the lower part of the Valley.  

She is a sociologist by background, currently a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University. As such she has a strong interest in the development of communities, as well as in issues of equality and diversity, and an understanding the ways in which locations change over time and the part played by different interests.  It also gives her a strong sense of the importance of social history and physical infrastructure, aspects of place that are particularly important in the Ouseburn. She is strongly committed to improving the environment and to ensuring that The Valley is a good place to live, work and play in a sustainable way which protects public spaces.