A visit to the Victoria Tunnel will enhance classroom learning about history topics such as Victorian Britain, Britain during World War Two; and Britain Since 1930, or a local study.

The Tunnel also offers a unique context for scientific investigations, Design and Technology projects as well as an opportunity for children to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.

We have sessions available which focus on the Victorian or World War Two history of the Tunnel and we are happy to facilitate access to the Tunnel for your own planned activity (Please discuss your ideas with us first!)

Recent feedback from school workshops held in 2015

"Great experience - the children will remember the Victoria Tunnel for a long time; the darkness and sound effects were fantastic."

"The tunnel provided real history, something that a picture, book or film could not do and gave the pupils a real live experience."

"Guides were excellent."

"Great session - it built on classroom learning of World War Two."

Co-ordinating a Visit

We can accommodate school parties of up to 36 children and accompanying adults. School parties are split into two groups, as no more than 18 children can be accommodated into the Tunnel at a time.   There needs to be at least 2 adults inside the Tunnel with each group.

While one group is in the Tunnel, the other group will be involved in one of our complementary activities before swapping over. The Complementary Activities usually take place in our Victoria Tunnel Visitor Centre at 55 Lime Street (just opposite Seven Stories).

Or you may wish to combine your school's visit to the Ouseburn Valley (saving transport costs) with a visit to Seven Stories (National Centre for children's books), or Stepney Bank Riding Stables, or the Ouseburn Farm. We will be pleased to give you more information about these activities when you make your booking.

Download a sample Victoria Tunnel timetable here

Complementary Activities

We have a number of resources and self-led activities available which you can use alongside a visit to the Victoria Tunnel.  

  • Lost and Found (Victorian, WW2, Local History) Object handling activity based at Ouseburn Farm. Lasts 40 - 50 minutes. Download the Lost and Found pack
  • WW2 in a Suitcase (WW2, Local History) Object handling activity based at Ouseburn Farm. Lasts 40 - 50 minutes. Download the WW2 in a suitcase pack
  • Exploring St Ann's Churchyard (Victorian, Local History) Gravestone Study based at St Ann's Church. Lasts 40 - 50 minutes. Exploring St Ann's Churchyard
  • What Would You Take? (WW2 History) Card-led group debate based at Tunnel Entrance, Ouse St. Lasts 10 - 20 minutes. What would you take cards
  • Here or There? (Victorian History) Card-led activity based at Tunnel Entrance, Ouse St. Lasts 10 - 20 minutes. Here or There cards

A number of additional resources can be found on our Heritage Learning page here.

Booking Information

Price per head in 2016 will be £4 per child. To book a visit, please contact the Ouseburn Trust.  It would be helpful if you could provide the following information:

  • Year group
  • Number of children in the group
  • Potential visit times and dates
  • How much time you have for the visit (please bear in mind that groups of more than 18 children will need to split into two tunnel visits)
  • Study topic
  • Any special access requirements

We can then advise you on the appropriate complementary activity. You may be able to book help with running the Complementary Activities.  Please enquire about this when requesting your visit.

Pre-visit Resources - dedicated Teacher's Pack

If you request them, we will send you a free resource pack to use with the class before or after the visit.

  • a DVD documentary and
  • audio CD, which include interviews with people who remember sheltering in the Tunnel during WW2.
  • Victoria Tunnel guidebook  telling the story of the Tunnel through archive documents and images.

To find out more about these resources, please visit  Victoria Tunnel publications & resources

Essential Information


Victoria Tunnel 2015 Hazard Assessment

Download a map of the Ouseburn area here