A selection of studies and reports about the Ouseburn Valley and its status as a regeneration area, conservation area and 'creative cluster' (most recent first). If you know of other research on this subject (or are undertaking your own) please get in touch as we would like to include it here.

Workspace for the Creative Sector in Newcastle and Gateshead Creative City Challenge Research from Newcastle City Council by Creative Space Management and Culture Works, 2013.

Can Local People Think Strategically, Assessing Governance in the Ouseburn Valley. Academic study by Michael Beirne, 2012.

The Creative Sector in Newcastle and Gateshead by EKOS for Newcastle City Council. 2012

Sense of Place and Participatory Engagement - The contribution of interpretation, festivals and capacity-building programmes to cultural regeneration in the Lower Ouseburn Valley. Academic study by Patricia Gonzalez, 2011.

Urban Landscape Study - Produced by the council's Ouseburn team in 2007.

Ouseburn Valley Urban Landscape Masterplan - Produced by Newcastle City Council in 2006.

From Buzz To Bland. Academic study produced by Jamie Brockbank.2006

Visual Arts Strategy Academic study produced by Jorn Ebner. 2006

Ouseburn Barrage Inspectorate Report Engineering survey prior to the construction of the Ouseburn Barrage. 2006

Cultural Ouseburn Academic study produced by Fabienne Riener. 2006

Ouseburn Valley - a struggle to innovate in the face of a weak state   Academic study produced by Sara Gonzalez & Geoff Vigar. 2005

Partnership working in the Lower Ouseburn Valley Regeneration Programme Strategic evaluation by Iain Kitt and Peter Kenrick