Erin RobsonMy interest in the Ouseburn stems from childhood, from an early age I possessed a keen interest in social history, stemming from my father, and spent a lot of time, both pre and post, regeneration in and around the Quayside and Ouseburn Valley. Having seen Newcastle, as with other major city centres, become increasingly homogenised over time, the Ouseburn represents to me, one of the few remaining parts of the city which reflect Newcastle’s individuality, its industrial past and its heart. The regeneration of the valley to date is amazing, the council and the Trust has managed to sympathetically restore and rebuild heritage assets to provide viable uses and therefore preserve these assets for future generations. New development has introduced quirky, interesting architecture to the valley, which reflects the unique and diverse nature of the area. I am keen to be a part of its story going forward.

As a Town Planner, with a keen interest in urban placemaking, heritage and design, as well as being a proud North-Easterner, I would like to help to support an area I feel hugely passionate about. I am keen to work to ensure that the Trust prospers for the future, in all capacities, not just planning and development, ensuring that the Ouseburn is sustainable, accessible to all, but also forward thinking, embracing of new technology and new development, whilst respectful to the guiding principles of the Trust.