Dave CrossI’ve been working in the Ouseburn since 1990, with the commercial business Midnight Electronics and the publicly funded music development agency Generator which has since re-located into offices above the Cluny.

I have developed a passionate fondness for the area’s green spaces, industrial heritage and cultural renaissance, in addition to the attraction of its pubs and live music.

Having active links with public sector regeneration work and community engagement, I am eager to see the Trust’s objectives for the Ouseburn’s regeneration and heritage being implemented and developed, particularly thanks to its locally-driven management.

I have the benefit of experience of the national networking opportunities created by harnessing the interests of Arts Councils and other agencies, which developed into the UK-wide META network and later evolved into the Music Industries Development Association and following on from which, I became an Executive and Trustee of the National Music Council.

My personal history in the industry began with small scale arts promotions in the late 1960s and regular hands-on work with live and broadcast music, local and national theatre and in event production. Having directly managed small businesses with personal responsibility for staff, IT, accounts and admin I have also been pleased to assist in the planning, budgeting, management and statutory permissions, particularly Licensing, attached to a range of projects, from community festivals to regional flagship attractions and events, in the public and private sectors. I continue to provide audio and licensing services for events and to provide IT and Internet hosting facilities.

I currently serve as Trustee for four Charitable organisations, including the groups responsible for the local Jesmond Festival and Ouseburn Festival. I have been Director of a few Companies, and enjoyed a period on the Management Committee of the now-legendary Newcastle music venue, Riverside; have been a drama advisor to Northern Arts and a music advisor to the Arts Council of England.

My preferred style of work is a cooperative approach to working with colleagues, with Politicians, policymakers, funders and practitioners, and in taking a balanced approach between realism and optimism in budgeting and business planning. I enjoy a balance between a hands-on approach to tasks and a strategic detachment. I also exploit some  experience in specific areas of Law including advocacy in Licensing, acoustics as applied to Noise and Environmental Health, in Railway Law, and in Copyrights.

I’m delighted to be working with the team at the Ouseburn Trust and expect to see the Trust remaining centre stage in the continuing unfolding of the Ouseburn’s exciting tale of development.