Clive is the co-ordinator of guided tours of the Victoria Tunnel, setting up the programme of tours and special events and managing a team of volunteer guides. He is currently looking for new volunteers to help the team on those guided tours and if that is something you think you would like to do, please contact Clive on 0191 2616596.

Clive worked as a Civil Servant, until taking early retirement in 2007. During his career Clive enjoyed working with people in a variety of Child Benefit and National Insurance roles. In particular, Clive was involved in the early identification of Identity Fraud (stolen and miss-use of National Insurance numbers). That role rapidly evolved in the early 1990s as fraudulent use of identities increased and means of dealing with it had to be developed and Clive thoroughly  enjoyed that work.

Clive also enjoyed his roles as a manager of Refunding incorrect or excess National Insurance contributions and as Staff Suggestion Co-ordinator, helping ideas to be developed, introducing those ideas to the National Insurance system and rewarding the individual suggestors for their ideas.

In his spare time, Clive is a keen cyclist, gardener and secretary of a local Golf Society. His main interest though is his family and friends.

Working hours: Monday and Friday, 10am - 5 pm.

Contact Clive here