Join us in the atmospheric Victoria Tunnel for a completely unique musical experience with an eclectic 'sounds of the underground' music programme. Book your tickets on the calendar below.

:zoviet*france: - 7.30pm & 9pm Friday 22 April 2022 (£15). For nearly 40 years this locally based group has tested and explored the edges of known music both in recording and performance. Their approach to composition defies adequate description: its form is instrumental non-song based and derived from an eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic instruments, often infused with field recordings. 

Paul Taylor - 7.30pm Saturday 14 May (£15). Paul Taylor is an accomplished pianist, keyboard player and composer working in the realm of improvisation and spontaneous composition. The music moves seamlessly between jazz, classical, experimental and ambient modes. His main instrument is the piano, but he also uses synthesisers and organs in his work. The performance will create an immersive listening experience for the audience, by responding to the unique acoustics and atmosphere of the Victoria Tunnel. It will combine elements from jazz, classical and ambient music to create a magical, evocative and constantly changing soundscape that interacts with the subterranean setting.

Spaces In Between - 7pm Friday 20 May (£12) An evening of traditional and self penned tunes and songs from Maurice Condie (guitar/vocals), Marina Dodgson (fiddle) and Adam Holden (piano, guitar and vocals).Together the three North East musicians make up two duos, Miggins Fiddle and Another Penny, while Adam also regularly performs solo. Miggins Fiddle play mostly tunes and a few songs based firmly in traditional music and song. Another Penny perform a unique combination of traditional and original songs in carefully crafted arrangements that showcase a dialogue of guitars, piano and other stringed exotica. Adam Holden writes thoughtful and highly melodic songs. His song “Nobody to hear it but the singer” was in the final of 2019 Folklub songwriter of the year competition.

Strange Brew - 7pm Friday 10 June (£12)A celebration of North East heritage through original poems, tunes and songs inspired by local landmarks, stories, people and beers. Harry Gallagher's poems are full of the natural rhythm of his accent, the invention of his dry northern wit and the conviction of his own truth, not afraid to stand its ground. Miggins Fiddle are guitar player and folk singer Maurice Condie and fiddle player Marina Dodgson. They perform original arrangements of traditional tunes and write their own tunes in the traditional style.  Adam Holden's songs touch on immediate social, domestic and natural landscapes but are also rooted in a love of political ideas. 

Only 30 tickets are available for each performance to allow for plenty of spacing. Guests should dress warmly and meet at the Tunnel Entrance on Ouse Street, behind the Hotel du Vin, just before the start time. Chairs will be provided. No food or drink is permitted in the Tunnel.  It would be better not to bring a bag if possible (and we have been advised that we should conduct random bag searches at these events)