No booking required | Free entry 

The Ouseburn Valley has had a long history as a hub for pubs and entertainment, and carries on in this tradition today. To celebrate this history, Ouseburn Trust would like to invite you to a heritage-themed open mic, hosted by the Cumberland Arms.

What do we mean by heritage-themed? We're using a very broad definition of heritage, and want hear from performers anything that is important or interesting to them about the history of the Ouseburn Valley. Heritage can include the natural environment, the cultural environment, buildings, landscapes, places, wildlife, objects, people, traditions, knowledge, stories and experiences. The particular heritage and collective memory of Ouseburn comes from the people who live, work and play there -- so come along to share it!

That means all sorts of subjects are welcome -- if you have a favourite tree, come and talk about it! Join us from 7pm for an evening of song, dance, drama, research presentations, skill-sharing, poems, storytelling, comedy, and anything else performable. Get up on stage, or get comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere in historic Cumberland Arms pub.

Want to perform?

Performance slots are 10 minutes long.Sign-ups should be in advance of the night. Contact at [email protected] / 0191 261 6596 if you have something you'd like to perform. We can also give you help and guidance to develop a piece for the night. 

Booking for this event has now closed.