In June 2019 we were delighted to open an eye catching bandstand to harness creative activity and give local artists and community Bandstand launch partygroups a platform to showcase their work. It is intended to be an exciting, safe, completely free space, whether it be used for outdoor, theatre performances, music events, story readings, or simply resting up in the sun.

The bandstand is made up of three stages, each making use of a different view out from the circular platform. The shelter made from steel arches leans out into the space, drawing inspiration from the millennium bridge just a short walk away on the quayside. The largest of the three arches overlooks tiered seating, allowing for larger audiences to sit and enjoy performances. 

C O N S T R U C T was at first a 48 hour design competition. Architecture students in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne were invited to propose an installation that will celebrate the future entry point of The Culvert, a historical landmark in the Ouseburn Valley. A fantastic team made up of local architecture practices, design studios and members or the Ouseburn Trust and a handful of passionate architecture students have been working hard the last year adapting the award winning design into a deliverable project.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding and to local businesses who helped to make it happen.

The Ouseburn Bandstand is now available to use.

We welcome ideas and suggestions to use the Bandstand - there is no charge to use the facility as long as your event is free to attend.

Bandstand Launch Party

If you propose to host an event, you are responsible for applying for your own license specific to the activity you plan to host. Details of what you might need to do regarding licenses and permits can be found here. For large events there is useful guidance here.

We have insurance in place for the structure but you will be required to insure your event.

The calendar below shows when it is available for hire, and we will update it with new events as dates are requested to ensure we don’t have clashes. (Please note - the Sold Out message just means the Bandstand is booked that day, to find out more about attending any event contact the organiser)

Get in touch to let us know your idea and to book your date