The Ouseburn Trust is an independent charity, committed to working with others to achieve a vibrant, diverse and sustainable future for the Ouseburn Valley.

Our core objectives


We are responsible for managing and maintaining several properties in Ouseburn, ensuring they remain accessible, affordable and fit for purpose. With the support of our Planning & Development Group, we also provide constructive comments about regeneration projects happening in and around Ouseburn. 


Whilst we're always looking towards the future, we value Ouseburn's heritage and are committed to preserving, remembering and respecting the area's rich history. We are responsible for managing the Victoria Tunnel, ensuring it's accessible to the public and can be used as a tool for learning. 

Public Realm

We want to protect and nurture the Valley's natural environment, but our commitment to the public realm goes beyond that. We help keep our public spaces tidy and work with local authorities to help manage our streets and transport.

Community anchor

Our goal is to be representative of our volunteers, residents, neighbours and visitors. We strive to use our platform to give a voice to our community.

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How we work

To fulfil these objectives, the Trust will seek to develop stronger relationships with local residents, businesses, cultural activities and events and other visitor attractions in the Valley. We will maintain effective governance practices, nurture effective partnerships and perform a coordinating role with a coherent voice for Ouseburn.

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Read our Annual Report for 2019-20 for a summary of our most recent activities, and our most recent Annual Accounts

Our sub-groups 

We help facilitate four sub-groups which help direct our projects and directly feed in to the work we do. Groups are made up of volunteers and trustees who have a personal interest in the topics covered, they are open for anyone to attend. The four groups are:

Ouseburn Trust membership 

Our members are invited to help make key decisions about our organisation, including selecting our trustees. Find out more about becoming a member of the Ouseburn Trust

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