About the Ouseburn Trust

The Ouseburn Trust is an independent trust, working for a vibrant, diverse & sustainable future for the Ouseburn Valley. Learn about our history and goals. Read more

Ouseburn's environment

With vibrant green spaces, our active residents, businesses and visitors value our local environment. Learn more about our environmental work here. Read more

Ouseburn's transport

Transport to and within Ouseburn is a vital consideration for locals and visitors, helping nurture the area's success and accessibility. Find out what we're doing to help improve transport. Read more

Learning Resources

With a diverse heritage, regeneration story and natural environment, Ouseburn makes an ideal learning setting for any level of study. Find a wide range of education and learning resources here. Read more

Ouseburn regeneration

Since the 1980s Ouseburn Valley has been through an exciting process of regeneration and it is continuing today. Check out the latest news, strategies and research papers collected here, and how to get involved in what's happening next. Read more

Ouseburn heritage

Ouseburn Valley has a captivating and complex history. The area has served many vital purposes for many years. From contributions to industry to cultivating local artistry, we aim to preserve everything our region has contributed. Read more

Ouseburn talks

Our programme of talks invites speakers to explore a variety of topics relating to Ouseburn's heritage, culture and regeneration. Learn more about our talks programme. Read more