In 2019 we began the review of the Ouseburn Regeneration Plan 2012-20 and a new Ouseburn Strategy for 2020-30 is now being developed.  The area has changed such a lot and we have been gathering your views on what makes Ouseburn so special now - as a place to live, work and visit.

What do you think?  What do you particularly like and enjoy about Ouseburn? Is it the culture, the wildlife, the heritage or the beer? Or something else altogether?

We'll be adding people's ideas below - you can email your views or add them as a comment below. 

Send anything from a few words to a whole page of purple prose. We look forward to hearing from you.

thank you for contributing...

"Although I live outside the area, whenever I visit Newcastle I nearly always visit Ouseburn, usually to call in to the Free Trade Inn, to wander along the ouseburn to see what's happening and admire the old buildings, and sometimes to visit The Cluny to watch/listen to live music." GB

"I enjoy learning about the history of the area and keeping abreast of where it is going.  I enjoy the venues and the area itself with my family.  We’ve spent many hours there, whether in SevenStories, the Farm or just walking in the area.  I regularly visit the pubs in the area, the trail is a favourite hangout for myself and a number of my friends.  The mix of people is so eclectic and there is never a bad atmosphere, it’s as if all visitors to the area feel part of the same community, regardless of their background.  For me, it is this atmosphere that the area has fostered that makes all of the above activities all the more enjoyable at the Ouseburn.  No matter how or if the landscape changes, I hope this atmosphere never leaves the area." MR

"There's loads of bits of the Ouseburn I love - there's history, there's art in loads of different forms. I only recently found out about a path made of gravestones and the site of the domestos factory and have even taken a short tour of the Victoria Tunnel which was really interesting, there's also ouseburn farm which my daughter had a trip too with her nursery and had a brilliant day out herding sheep to the fields and the chicks were hatching. Also I love some of the graffiti down there - some excellent pieces. I've also explored the abandoned parts of the valley." DW

"As a visitor I find Ouseburn its culture /atmosphere and local pubs restaurants and businesses a unique experience, I try and visit at least once a week from Wearside" PP

"I love Ouseburn for all its creativity. Let’s not allow that to be diluted by insensitive developments. Ouseburn is a Newcastle treasure. I feel passionately we must defend it." HB

"We think the Ouseburn is the bee's knees! A great home for us and all the creative & digital companies who work here." TF

"The Swans, they glide across the water, pure white and majestic; the kingfisher, swooping so fast you blink and miss him; the foxes, though I've never seen them, saw a hedgehog once; the trees; Ballast Hill; the Ouseburn flowing into the Tyne; the Quayside walk; the old buildings with their history; the people in the Mailings and their efforts to keep their environment clean; and finally everyone in the Ouseburn Trust and everything they do." DD

"I've worked all over the UK and I can say, hand on heart, that coming to work at the Toffee Factory in the Ouseburn fills me with a positive buzz every day. It's the perfect balance of historic buildings, work spaces and green spaces. Let's keep that balance." JP

"It's the history!" AM

"Standing on Crawfords Bridge and listening to a 125 whizz past over the viaduct, a metro cross on its bridge, the sheep in the Farm's fields baa-ing, a chiff-chaff calling the sound of spring, ducks quacking in the river and wild music from the bands rehearsing in the Off Quay Building." LT

"As a family we love the farm, we also have time to visit the animals and enjoy a cuppa and fab cake. Great activities in the school holidays. It's lovely to walk under the viaduct or to the cycle hub, spotting the turquoise bottles along the way. We also love the new art that regularly pops up all over. My husband and I have both completed the Victoria Tunnel tour, wonderful guides. I love the lights under the Glasshouse Bridge in the evening." M family

"As a young person I love visiting Ouseburn.  The area is filled with so much history, whether it be the bridges, the buildings or the Victoria Tunnel, which is an exciting and interesting day out.  I mostly enjoy being able to walk along the river with my family on a sunny day as the place is alive with wildlife, mainly ducks, as well as fellow people.  After a walk there is an abundance of places to go; pubs for a bite to eat or a nice drink, art galleries, and a green area for you to have a picnic.  Even if the weather is not as nice, Ouseburn is still a magical place with lots of things to do; Seven Stories (the National Centre for Children’s Books), or the music events at The Cluny are a couple of my favourites.  It is such a creative place full of so much culture and history and I highly recommend you visit, no matter how old you are.  I’m excited to see how the Valley will continue to thrive and grow, with more businesses and events in the future." KS

"Ouseburn feels like a niche environment between the more built up areas of Shieldfield and Byker, partly defined by the geography of the river valley, I hadn't realised how much foliage there is until I moved here. It feels like nature is helping to nurture all the talent in the area." CW.

"I love the Ouseburn , it’s the mixture of dilapidated , renovated and new buildings , the variety of activities - work, home and play . So much history , the topography and the Ouseburn , so much fascinating stuff." JC

“Where else could you find such an eclectic mix of the past, present and future in one place? Eco-friendly homes, listed buildings, traditional pubs, bars, cafes, breweries, artists’ studios, galleries, offices, the National Centre for Children’ Books, music venues, stables, a tunnel, a UNESCO world heritage site and even a farm, all sitting side by side in harmony." DC

"From coming here as a young child visiting the farm to doing work experience at the Victoria Tunnel, I have come to appreciate the fascinating history and atmosphere of this area. It is perfect for all ages with something that everyone can enjoy." AG