One of our Back to the Future guides is missing leading walks of the valley on Saturday mornings and challenges you to answer his quiz about some of the things he loves in the area:

  1. How many homes at The Malings? Answer: 76 - read some of their stories here
  2. One of the streets at The Malings is called Luxor Row, why? Answer: it was a design range for Maling Pottery - beautiful and now quite rare - see plate on right here Luxor design plate
  3. When was the Ouseburn Railway Viaduct rebuilt from wood to cast iron? Answer: 1869
  4. Who were the Consultant Structural Engineers for the Ouseburn Metro Bridge and what is the company's local connection? Answer: Ove Arup - who grew up just nearby - there's an excellent summary on the Heaton History Group site here
  5. Where can I buy a pint of milk in Ouseburn? Answer: When we run out we always go to JACs (the Secret Sandwich Shop) - but maybe you know other places?
  6. Where can I get a haircut in Ouseburn? Answer: Boilerhouse on Boyd St
  7. What length in kms is the Ouseburn river ? Answer: 18 kms - enjoy an appreciation of all the river crossings on that journey here
  8. How many potteries are there currently? Answer: 2 (Kiln and Ouseburn Pottery, but many more potters based within the amazing artists studios in the Valley)
  9. Can you name all six breweries in Ouseburn?   Answer: Alchemy, Brinkburn St, Full Circle, Out of this World, Newcastle Brewing, Tyne Bank
  10. Which Ouseburn building features in a Lowry painting? Answer: The Sailors Bethel - now in The Laing Art Gallery, see it here