During the Covid-19 shutdown many of us can't visit Ouseburn and are missing the arrival of Spring and our volunteering in the environment, from litter-picking to planting trees. Keep in touch here...

  • If you are local and visit the valley on your daily exercise please do send in your sightings and comments on the Valley.
  • If you are missing Ouseburn tell us what you particularly enjoy.

We'll be adding people's contributions below and would love to hear from you - you can email your views or add them as a comment at the bottom of this page (you can include photos as well - the website does ask you to register the first time but it is very minimal and quickly done). 

"Its impressive to see how quickly the wildlife has moved into to reclaim public spaces! Wagtails, ducks and small birds taking advantage of the empty car parks - also some domestic cats" Dave

"it comes to something when you’re missing picking up other people’s litter!" Jen

"The black poplars were budding and putting out their red catkins in March - they will soon be filling the valley with their floating fluff" Lesley