Tony GatesTony currently works as Chief Executive of Northumberland National Park Authority and is also Chair of the North East Historic Environment Forum.  His connection with Newcastle goes way back, as he completed his degree in Town Planning at Newcastle University, and the Ouseburn Valley is one of his favourite parts of the City.

Tony says: “ At a time when many of our towns and cities are beginning to look more and more the same, places like the Ouseburn Valley are critically important in maintaining the colour and soul of our urban places. I have been impressed as an observer, and a user of the Ouseburn Valley, at how the unique heritage and sense of place of the lower Ouseburn Valley has been used to deliver the sense of a truly urban village, a place with a rich mix of uses and a place that lives both in the day and in the evening. I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the continuing story of Ouseburn in any way I can, and  I am honoured to have been chosen by the Trustees to Chair the Ouseburn Trust”.