We are currently putting together a set of resources for  teachers and students using the Ouseburn Valley as a case study for place and regeneration. This will be added to over the next few months - let us know if there is anything you would like to see here.

Thirty Years of Regeneration - timeline 1980-2010Cover of Regeneration Timeline

Ouseburn Regeneration Plan 2012-20

Ouseburn Regeneration Plan 2003-12

Map of the Regeneration Area

A short history of Ouseburn Trust - and its role in the regeneration of the area

A selection of photos of Ouseburn Valley before regeneration 

Video/oral history resources - there are recorded memories from local people who lived in Ouseburn and sheltered in the Victoria Tunnel DVD and on the Wartime Voices audio CD and the Voices from the Ouseburn Valley video on YouTube with more recent experiences from 2011

Presentation for teachers created by Liz Cowans, former Geography teacher and current Ouseburn Trust Heritage Volunteer, about the industrial background The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Ouseburn Valley

Materials (including photos and maps) for a self-guided walk down Stepney Bank and along Lime Street looking at changing place in Ouseburn Now and Then in Ouseburn Valley. Created by Liz Cowans

Guided walks

We can arrange leaders for the following guided walks on the subject of regeneration in Ouseburn Valley. They last 1-1 1/2 hours and cost £50 for up to 20 people. Please contact us to arrange suitable time and date for a visit.

  • Ouseburn’s Regeneration story – Dale Bolland shows how Ouseburn has changed from 1980s to the development of mixed-use, slow-burn bottom-up regeneration of the valley over the past 30 years - and where it might go next. Dale is the former City Council Regeneration Officer for Ouseburn, an extremely knowledgeable and well-connected guide.
  • Heritage-themed Regeneration in Ouseburn - Mike Greatbatch explains how the promotion and enhancement of the Ouseburn heritage and community history helped to change perceptions of the area and establish Ouseburn as a visitor destination and heritage hot spot. Mike is the former Heritage Officer for Ouseburn, now freelance, and an expert and fascinating guide to the heritage of the area.
  • Rise and Fall and Rise of Ouseburn - Liz Cowans illustrates the changing fortunes of Ouseburn's industries  since the 19th century and the lives of workers in the Valley on a guided walk down Stepney Bank and along Lime Street.

For individual students seeking information for their research we can offer a one-hour interview with either the former Regeneration Officer or the Trust's Chief Officer, depending on the subject of the research.  We invite a £20 donation for this, or alternatively a student may undertake two hours voluntary work improving the Ouseburn environment, usually on a Saturday morning. Please contact us to arrange suitable time and date for an interview.