Join us in the atmospheric Victoria Tunnel for a completely unique musical experience with an eclectic 'sounds of the underground' music programme. Current concerts are:

Saturday 25 April 2020 - Steve Luck

Steve Luck performs some of his beautiful emotive and soothing piano compositions in (almost) pitch darkness in the remarkably atmospheric Victoria Tunnel. A real treat for the senses in a unique acoustic setting. 45-minute concerts start at 7.15pm and 8.30pm - tickets are £12 and can be booked here

Saturday 2 May 2020 - Ian Boddy

Ian is an enthusiastic advocate for analogue synthesisers and in performing unique live events. The Victoria Tunnel will be such an event where Boddy will perform with a modular synthesiser & his French Connection keyboard which mimics the playing style of an Ondes Martenot. He will create an organic electronic soundscape that will heighten the atmosphere in the unique space of this old underground tunnel system. The concert will start at 7.30pm and tickets are available on the calendar below.

Ian Boddy is a North-East composer who has been recording & releasing Electronic Music for the past 40 years. During this time he has released a huge catalogue of music as well as performing hundreds of concerts both in the UK as well as in Germany, The Netherlands & the USA. For the past 20 years he has run the Electronica label DiN which has over 80 releases by an internationally renowned collection of artists including Robert Rich, Node, ARC, Erik Wøllo, Bluetech & Markus Reuter. He also composes music for TV, documentaries and films and has done sound design work for the likes of Apple, Camel Audio, Soniccouture, Zero-G & Time & Space. 

Friday 8 May at 7pm - An evening with Fools’ Gold

The music of acoustic duo Carol and Steve Robson is rooted in the folk tradition and their shows are distinctive as they tell the stories - the histories, mysteries, tragedies and romances - that lie hidden behind the songs as an integral part of the show. Added to the fascinating projected visuals, an evening with Fool’s Gold is like no other. Expect to sing, laugh and of course, expect the unexpected! This show will reflect the heritage of the Victoria Tunnel and the wider area by featuring songs of mining, wartime and the characters and events that made the Ouseburn, and Tyneside a vibrant explosion of story, colour and music. Book your tickets on the calendar below

Guests should dress warmly and meet at the Tunnel Entrance on Ouse Street, behind the Hotel du Vin, just before the start time. Chairs will be provided. No food or drink is permitted in the Tunnel.  It would be better not to bring a bag if possible (and we have been advised that we should conduct random bag searches at these events)