Join us in the atmospheric Victoria Tunnel for a completely unique musical experience with an eclectic 'sounds of the underground' music programme.

Friday 22 March Pit Pony Having quickly gained acclaim following performances including slots at the North East’s Evolution Emerging, Narc and Brave Exhibition Festivals, Pit Pony bring their gut-punching yet melodic sound to the underground. To celebrate the launch of their new single ‘Osaka’ released the same day, the band bring a one-off audio visual performance to the Victoria Tunnel. Support will also be provided by some very special guests. (“A hugely enjoyable garage-pop racket. Wonderfully Abrasive. Bring on the ringing” – Narc Magazine) This will be in two 45 minute sets starting at 7pm, with a half hour interval. *SOLD OUT*

Friday 5 April  Atmospherica Underground - beautiful solo piano music from award winning composer and pianist Steve Luck performed in (almost) pitch darkness. Early booking is advised. Two separate 45-minute piano concerts at 7.15pm and 8.30pm- tickets are available here

Saturday 18 May Paul Taylor - an accomplished pianist and keyboard player specialising in improvisation. The music is evocative, alluring and unique; combining unusual harmonies and sonorities with an original and fluid technique. He is emerging as one of the most consistently interesting and innovative solo pianists in recent years, eschewing the conventional cliches associated with jazz improvisation in favour of an unorthodox, harmonically complex and often compellingly beautiful musical language that is often inspired by the classical tradition. Nonetheless, his playing also encapsulates the restless capacity for invention that is a cornerstone of jazz. The one-hour performance will start at 7.30pm. Tickets available on the calendar below.

Saturday 13 July Theremin and Bass Duo with Beatrix Ward-Fernandez and John Pope - A lasting interest in experimental and improvised music led Beatrix to adopt the theremin, while the development of new techniques to meet with the demands of these musics remains her abiding interest. The theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled by the movement of the performer's hand near two high-frequency oscillators. For this concert she is accompanied by the versatile North East bassist John Pope. Tickets available soon.

Guests should dress warmly and meet at the Tunnel Entrance on Ouse Street, behind the Hotel du Vin, just before the start time. Chairs will be provided. No food or drink is permitted in the Tunnel.  It would be better not to bring a bag if possible (and we have been advised that we should conduct random bag searches at these events)

Please buy your tickets on the calendar below: