Fancy testing out your photographic skills in one of Newcastle’s most unusual locations? The Victoria Tunnel is a unique environment where you can explore techniques and experiment with light and space.

We offer a photography Victoria Tunnel tour on-request for £30 for up to four people, and £8 per person above that (with a maximum of 8 people).

Get in touch with our Victoria Tunnel team to arrange your visit

What to expect 

You will be given a quick tour of the tunnel and learn about its history, how it was originally built to carry coal under Newcastle city centre and then used as an air-raid shelter in the Second World War. Then you will have some free time to take photographs in this unique location. A guide is on hand who has some photography experience and can help you out, but this is not a photography workshop. Rather it is an opportunity for you to try out your photographic skills and see if you can produce some magical results!

You will need to provide all your own equipment. We recommend a digital SLR with the potential to use a high ISO rating as there is no artificial lighting in most of the tunnel (we do provide torches). Bring a flashgun. Both wide-angle and telephoto lenses work well. You could even use a macro lens for close-ups of some of the textures and colours on the walls. A tripod will be a good idea and a light source for light painting can produce some spectacular results.

The tour will meet at the Tunnel Entrance on Ouse Street.