Join us at 5pm on Tuesday 11 December 2018, at Xsite Architecture’s offices on Stepney Bank

The suggested agenda is:

  • Engagement – what and when
  • Transport Strategy and Conservation Area Management Plan
  • Parking Management
  • Progress on transport improvements
  • Progress on the street audit

Many thanks if you were able to come along to the Ouseburn Trust Environment Group’s Transport Workshops  we really appreciate your input - and if you couldn’t come, here’s a quick summary of the sessions, and news of future plans.

We had a good attendance, with people from a range of backgrounds - residents, businesses, venues and visitor attractions. The aim is to think big about how we wanted transport to work in the Valley, with a view to developing a strategy that we could collaborate with the Council and other key stakeholders on to deliver.

We talked about how people get to and around Ouseburn, and how we can improve the current experience. We agreed to develop a Transport Strategy for the area, which captures some key aims such as

  • Improved public transport connections
  • Better and safer pedestrian/cycle routes
  • Strategic parking provision

We want to have ambitious goals but also some easy wins that sit beneath them. We plan to work with the Ouseburn Trust’s Planning and Development group on this, as it is closely connected to future development and changing uses in the area.

We will develop the principles around the Strategy at more Transport Group meetings through the summer, then start drafting it up from September onwards. We expect to use map layers to visualise the changes that could be made over the short, medium and long term.

We discussed how each of us probably view Ouseburn a little differently – is it an urban village, a work place, a destination for day-time or night-time activities, a home? To help share thoughts on this we want to ask people to submit images of places they’ve been to or seen (modern and ancient) that reflect how they would like Ouseburn streets to look – we’ll set up a way to do this and let you know…

We agreed to carry out an audit of streets, to look at the hierarchies of use, then map where improvements could be made, including potentially restricting vehicle access in the future to people who are using the Valley rather than just passing through, and taking into account how future technologies may change the way we get around. 

We also discussed short term areas that need attention – we may be able to work with the Council to address these, so plan to come up with a list of proposals that we can take further.

We will also be discussing this work further with local Ward Members and Council officers, so that we are in touch with any existing/future Council plans.

If you’d like to add any key areas for consideration to the list above, if you have any big ideas about how transport could be improved in the Valley, or if you have any comments or queries, please get in touch or come along to the next Workshop.

Let us know if you are able to join us or would like to be kept informed.