Following the success of our Tuesday Talks at Ernest café bar in early 2019 we have a new programme from January 2020:

5.30pm Tuesday 21 January Kicking off the new season Victoria Tunnel volunteer Jeff Taylor will be presenting “Manors to Quayside branch line”. From 1870 to 1969 an amazing railway carried goods on the steep incline between the Manors Goods Yard and the Quayside. Jeff’s illustrated talk will step through the route, examine the engineering solutions involved, the rolling stock used, and show what remains can still be seen today.

5.30pm Tuesday 18 February Heritage research volunteer Alistair Collin presents the gloriously titled "Geordie Shores: Wherries and Lightermen on the River Tyne". Both Wherries and Lightermen have been key components in the transportation of goods and materials on the UK's major rivers for hundreds of years. Alistair examines the importance of wherries in maintaining trade along both the Tyne and Ouseburn rivers and the challenges they faced. It also focusses on the Newcastle Wherry Company, which was one of the principal Wherry companies, from its formation in 1874 to its' closure one hundred years later.

5.30pm Tuesday 17 March the Trust are delighted to welcome back to the fold Bob Langley, one of the pioneers in the regeneration of the Ouseburn, who will present “Hope and Opportunity amidst the decay of a neglected Valley”. The talk will cover the very beginnings of the interest in the regeneration of the Ouseburn by some of those who went on to form the Ouseburn Trust – the commitment to try to ensure that the values driving its development should take people and community seriously, in contrast to the commercial property led development on the Quayside.  Bob will chart some of challenges and pressures, some of the false starts, some of the successes and failures, some of the conflicts of ideas, personality, and of interests which arose in those early days of the 1990’s when the vision was still being formed.

5.30-6.30pm Back Room of Ernest Café Bar

(Corner of Boyd St and Stepney Rd)

FREE—donations welcome!