Help turn a winning design into a contemporary bandstand for creative and community events in the Ouseburn Valley 

With a scenic site under the Ouseburn Viaduct begging for a purpose a team of enthusiastic volunteers has been working with the Ouseburn Trust to develop a project to create an eye catching bandstand to harness creative activity and give local artists and community groups a platform to showcase their work.

We initially hoped to include this as part of the Great Exhibition of the North but are now aiming for Spring 2019.

C O N S T R U C T was at first a 48 hour design competition. Architecture students in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne were invited to propose an installation that will celebrate the future entry point of The Culvert, a historical landmark in the Ouseburn Valley.

It will become an exciting, safe, completely free space, whether it be used for outdoor, theatre performances, music events, story readings, or simply resting up in the sun.

So far, we have raised over £10,000 and we are positive about raising the remaining funds needed. A goal has been set to raise £2,000 from crowdfunding and we invite you to donate what you can to help us build a bandstand in the Ouseburn Valley.

If you are fond of the beautiful valley, or perhaps you are a creative who could benefit from the space, or a resident in Ouseburn who would like a new outdoor space to enjoy or would like to support the architecture students driving the project, help us get this under-used green space up and running.

All sponsors will be acknowledged on a plaque on the bandstand and will receive an invite to the launch event this summer.

Find out more on our website here 


What will we build?

A fantastic team made up of local architecture practices, design studios and members or the Ouseburn Trust and a handful of passionate architecture students have been working hard the last few months adapting the award winning design into a deliverable project.

The bandstand is made up of three stages, each making use of a different view out from the circular platform. The shelter made from steel and a sheet plastic arches and leans out into the space, drawing inspiration from the millennium bridge just a short walk away on the quayside. The largest of the three arches will overlook tiered seating, allowing for larger audiences to sit and enjoy performances. 

Who is behind Ouseburn Bandstand Project?

This project has had unbelievable support from local businesses, RASKL design studio are set to build the bandstand, Xsite Architecture and FaulknerBrowns Architects have worked closely mentoring the team and keeping the project moving. Ouseburn Trust who currently manage the site have supported the project both in knowledge and resources, and various sponsors have financially contributed to get the project to where it is now.

Who is helping us?

The competition gained the support of many practices and design studios in the area.

  • FaulknerBrowns Architects sponsored an exhibition of all the entries and donated cash prizes for the winning entries. They have also mentored the design team at regular meetings and been heavily involved in collating the planning application.
  • Arch2 in Ouseburn hosted the awards night that saw 200+ guests marvel over the exhibition of what was created in only 48 hours.
  • Xsite Architecture offered support through mentoring and development of the winning design, along with inviting the team to use their office space for design sessions and meetings.
  • The Ouseburn Trust have been behind the project with Chris Barnard their Chief Officer being a guest judge at the competition phase, but he has also attended all design meetings and the team at the Ouseburn Trust’s offices have helped with marketing, writing articles and setting up this crowdfunding page.
  • Northern Architectural Association have shown their support and have been an official sponsor from the word go contributing towards the construction coat of the bandstand.
  • RASKL design studio have offered their skills and knowledge, mentoring through design meetings and manufacturing the structure.
  • Portland Green Student Accommodation have also been an official sponsor from the word go contributing towards the construction cost of the bandstand.